La Fondation des Foyers Angèle was formed in 2004 to help support an orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti. In 2011, following a succession of hurricanes, an earthquake and a cholera epidemic, most of the children were taken back to their home community to live with extended families.


La Fondation now provides each family with a monthly amount for food and clothing, pays for the education of all the children in the families, and continues to help the remaining children at the orphanage. We rely on the generosity of donors to be able to continue to help provide these children with the necessities of life:  food, shelter, and education.


Your help is much needed and much appreciated.





La Fondation des Foyers Angèle is a registered charitable organization overseen by a Board of Directors. The Fondation reunites people who are committed to raise funds to help children around the world and the orphanages and communities who welcome them.


Our Mission Statement


La Fondation des foyers Angèle is a Canadian registered charity committed to helping to relieve the poverty of children in need around the world.


The Fondation’s vision is to help children grow to become responsible and strong adults within flourishing communities.


- We strive to provide basic food, clothing and health care.


- We provide education.


- We support the children within their community.


- We respect the desire of our donors to have their support delivered as directly as possible.


- We are transparent, honest and accountable in managing the affairs of the Fondation.




We were invited to visit the orphanage in Gonaïves, Haïti, to meet the forty children who were welcomed after the floods. We held in our arms the youngest child Angèle who at the time was very sick.

When we returned, we learn with deep sadness of her death.


In her memory, we have weaved her name and spirit in the foundation’s name!





We are citizens of a world community. If we take the time to compare our lives to those of children in the Third World, it could lead us to:


•live more simply so others may simply live; share with these children and their caregivers so that they can obtain water, food, clothes, schooling, health care, homes in an orphanage or with a family, and a peaceful community.


•Do share with the children of Haïti. In so doing, you proclaim their value!


The Foundation of the Foyers Angèle is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by its members.  The Board oversees the activities of the Foundation and reports back regularly to its members and donors.  The current Board members are:


Michael Smith - Acting President


John Porritt - Secretary


Danielle Allen - Treasurer


Jeanette Arsenault - Director


Kim Inch - Director


John Leavens - Director


Roseline Saint-Cyr - Director


Daphney Augustin - Director


The Fondation des foyers Angèle is administered by a Board of Trustee elected by its members. The Board oversees the operations of the Foundation and report back regularly to its members and donors.


To contact us :


Email: info@foyersangele.org

Site Web: www.foyersangele.org


Postal Address:

La Fondation des Foyers Angèle

1801, avenue McArthur, 158 B

Ottawa (Ontario) K1L 8C9